Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet the Chicks!

 The notion of having chickens running around seems to have been romanticized lately. Actually, the idea of having fresh, organic eggs was what motivated me to mention the "idea" to some friends at church.  When they showed up with seven baby chicks, I was honestly petrified because I had no idea what taking care of chickens entailed. My mother is still laughing. 

So we wholeheartedly embraced the chicks and moved them into the laundry room. Tiger the cat was not amused.

Fast forward a few months and the two that survived have happily moved into their new home that Luis built out of mostly scrap wood. (No, Tiger did not eat them, they just didn't make it. I am told that's how it is with baby chicks. ) They enjoy roaming the woods all day and somehow know that when dark comes, they head home. Very smart these chicks are.

When they start laying, which should happen in October, I will gather eggs in the same basket my grandfather gathered eggs here on this property. Apparently the colored wire holding his basket together is dynamite wire. When my dad told me that, I did not ask any more questions.

I thought the chicken house needed a sign, so I looked online for vintage "Egg" signs...

(notice they have roosters)

...then ended up painting my own. I like Mr. Rooster getting the word out. 

My great grandmother's little guesthouse overlooks the new chicken house.

Our beautiful Rhode Island Reds have grown up...

...and will soon be giving us big, brown, organic eggs. 

...here on the farm:-)

(tractor courtesy of my dad:-)

The friends who gave us the chicks are cattle farmers. I did also happen to mention to them that I would love fresh, organic beef, lol. 

The kids are really enjoying the chickens, and now my parents have added a new elkhound puppy. We are looking for a rooster and two more hens. They can all join the coyotes, bears and other animals that live around here. There is nothing like living in the country:-) 


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  1. Anita, ohhhh just love your post and steadfast hard work and determination to raise chicks now!!!!I am crazy for roosters, vintage, signs, items , real.....don't have your courage to have real ones! Just a beautiful job you and husband did on their new abode.......the sign is stunning....what God has blessed you with......and many more blessings....your fellow, rooster friend:)

  2. Your new chicks are adorable! I love your chicken coup and the sign is perfect! I hope you get lots of fresh eggs soon!

  3. How sweet! You will enjoy those fresh organic eggs. I am curious, whose job is it to clean the coop?? lol You may wind up with a few calves, since you did mention the beef to your friends. I would worry about the coyotes! xo

  4. Bears? Oh my! Your little chick house is so cute...I love your sign!


  5. We've never regretted getting chickens! They add a wonderful aspect to our daily life. Your little coop is so sweet!

  6. Enjoyed your post very much. What happy chickens they must be! I love that they get to roam the woods all day and then come home at night! Must also be very satisfying to gather eggs in the same basket as your grandfather. Love the signs!

  7. This looks like a scene from a coffee table book! So organic and natural! It must be so lovely to hold the handle of the basket and know that your grandfather held that basket too! I think knowing about the dynamite wire makes the basket all the more mysterious... it must have had quite a past!
    Beautiful post...great back story! I am putting your blog on my blogroll!

  8. Yes it is a good decision to get a rooster, that way your flock will increase and both people and chicken will be happy. They will also love roaming around fending for themselves, eating the insects and worms. Happy farming. We have free ranged native chickens too!

  9. I love how your posts always include beloved family items! Good luck with your chickens!

  10. Oh Anita!! That is the most darling chicken coop I am just so impressed by this! I wish we lived somewhere where we could to this too but I'm thinking our neighbors here wouldn't be too happy with us. LOL! Your photos are incredible as always, my friend. :-)

  11. Anita, I love the chicken coup, the special basket in which to put the eggs made with dynamite wire and that cat looking at the new chicks what an expression on his/her face.
    Joyce M

  12. Your little chicken coop is so cute....love the red color!!! I wouldn't even begin to know what to do with chickens so the fact that you are keeping them alive and well is really impressive!!! LOL

  13. EVERY time I see posts like this, I think that that is exactly the kind of thing I want to do. Every time I mention it to the husband, he says, "Yeah... righhhhht." He's probably right in his assessment, but I just love the idea of a small hobby farm in the country.

    I'm pretty sure chickens are against the neighborhood covenant.

  14. Loving the red coop! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Love your rooster sign-will pin it to my chicken board. We have americaunas and barred rocks- should start laying aug or sept. so excited.

  16. LOL about the beef Anita! Your little chicks are lovly -- Luis did a great job on the coop and your sign is just perfect. My chicken tending days are behind me but I hope to someday return to rural enough living to have a few hens again :)

    Enjoy your girls and the eggs when they start coming :)


  17. OH adorable! I had chickens when I was growing up and loved chick time! Your coop is much nicer than ours was tho ;)

    Hope you can stop by, say "Hello" and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!

  18. Cute and interesting post! Had chickens when I was a kid, but now in the suburbs, I can't have them. Beautiful treed area.

  19. Found you on the Facebook hop. We live in the city and had chickens for about a year, they were a lot of fun.

  20. Now I want chickens! How darling and that sign you painted is too cute! I hope you get your cows, lol!

  21. Your chicken coop is super cute love the red. We'd love it if you'd share this at our Home is Where the Heart is! http://www.homesteadsimple.com/home-is-where-the-heart-is-link-it-up-wednesdays-1/ Please share any other posts you'd like!!

  22. Dy-na-mite! What a great story....wishing you luck with the cow ~ lol!! Love the coop, it's adorable :)

  23. I wrote a big ol' comment here and it is gone! Ack!! I love your chicks and your sign!!!

  24. I love your little coop...and that chicken sign for fresh eggs...
    so wonderful.
    Who doesn't love the black and white of the farm tractor!

  25. Love the sign you painted for the chicken coop, who needs Ebay??
    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Too cute !!! The sign is even cuter and tell your dad I love the tractor lol!

  27. What a cute chicken coop and I would love fresh eggs. Can't seem to talk hubby into raising chickens. I think because his family did and he had to clean it out a lot.

  28. I am so jealous of your chicken coop. I have always wanted to have chickens, but unfortunately we live in an hoa neighborhood. Your chicken coop and sign are really cute!

  29. "Wow Us Wednesdays" got me here, and here is where I'd like to stay.....
    Well, at least to your blog....what a delight....
    Yes, chickens are harder than people realize, but, the benefits outweigh the work....Your husband built a wonderful coop and I love the farm....

  30. My SIL raises chickens in Michigan. The eggs are fantastic. She had a rooster once that ATTACKED my hubby one morning. He was just walking through the yard withnhis coffee so nothig was provoked. BE CAREFUL! The rooster drew blood on his leg. That being said, your cheickens are so pretty and the story of the basket is wonderful. What a treasure to have. I have NOTHING from my childhood. Well, memories..... XO, pinky