Monday, February 10, 2020

Winter buffet

It is no secret I like to change things up using what I have. There's no better way to freshen up a space and get a new look than by removing everything and shopping my own house.

My inherited buffet is one of my favorite things to rearrange and bring a new look to. 

Since Christmas I have been using this window from the old house that I lined with fabric years ago. I propped up some old family photos on the window then placed a silver tray my mother gave me on the buffet layered with crystal and silver. 

I love the look of the cool-toned silver with the warm, brown wood so much. There's just something wintry about it, especially when paired with the juniper branches.

My wagon wheel hub makes a great plant holder and adds so much texture as well as contrast to the finer silver and crystal.

Of course, a pop of color with the red floral draperies my mother made in the 1970s gives a nod to the coming season ahead. Or in my case, just warms up my very favorite season -- winter😊

It really is easy to get a whole new look by changing a few things around and using what you have maybe in a china cabinet or stored in the attic. Get those things out and use them instead of heading to the big box stores for more stuff. You'll be glad you did😉

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  1. I love the pictures of your home....and I love the encouragement you always give to use what we already have,or have inherited, rather than buying new stuff. Your home looks so inviting and warm....thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The buffet looks very nice, Anita, and very wintry. I love the candles in the lead crystal containers! Your buffet is a lovely piece of furniture. :)

    Are you as waterlogged up there as we are here in the Piedmont? It's getting on my last nerve. Have a great week!



  3. Anita, your window gave me a great idea...I think I will take one, put on some hinges and do a very shallow box. Fabric and foam the back so I can press photos into it. Then I will be able to change the photos---and they are also protected and behind glass. Gorgeous idea---especially when you use all the wonderful pieces you have scavenged or inherited. Always love your posts!

  4. Love that window. I may have to do one now. I love silver. I have a small dining room or area and I am thinking of getting rid of the small hutch which was actually in a old farm house in Amelia county va. and restored. It must have been a pie safe of sorts because of the sticks below the doors have and air flow. I may just get a small buffet so I can use it as a server and have room behind doors for plates and dinner napkins in there too.